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Festival Dance and Performing Arts Association invites you join us as we continue our efforts to bring the arts to the people and the people to the arts in our area. Because of the ever increasing financial stress on arts programs of all kinds, maintaining a dance academy and attracting professional performing arts to our area is a complex and challenging task and we need your assistance to ensure that we not only provide outstanding performances, but that we support our YouthReach programs as well.

What is the Festival Dance and Performing Arts Association? (FDPA)

  • A non-profit, 501(c ) (3) organization.
  • An organization dedicated to performing arts and dance education.
  • An organization governed by a volunteer community board.
  • An organization that has been around since 1972

What is our Mission?

Bringing the arts to the people and the people to the arts guided by the core values of:

Nurturing of local talent
Community involvement and Artistic

As you know, Festival Dance is one of the busiest non-profit arts organizations in the region providing:

  • Outstanding dance instruction to over 200 students at four dance schools;
  • Free professional arts programs for over 5,000 school students each year;
  • Outstanding and diverse touring events in the Great Performances Series, (the only dance series between Seattle and Minneapolis);
  • Special performances such as “A Christmas Carol,” “A Magical Peter Pan Christmas,” and “Carnival of the Arts,” using our own local talent;
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre residencies giving local children an exciting performing experience;
  • Summer workshop programs with nationally known teachers … and even more.

Our programs include:

Great Performances Series, a series of major events featuring performances by acclaimed ballet, modern dance, jazz, musical theatre and ethnic dance companies.

Festival Dance Academy, providing professional dance instruction in Moscow, Troy, Genesee, and Lapwai. We are the premier provider of dance education in the region.

Festival ArtReach helps to build arts programs in rural communities.

Festival YouthReach offers free performances for local schools by professional artists.

Who contributes to FDPA?

FDPA is funded by the Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation, the Idaho Commission on the Arts, the Latah County Community Foundation, the Mary Jewett Gaiser Unifund of the George Frederick Jewett Foundation, the Myron Schreck Family Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New England Foundation for the Arts, the U.S. Bancorp Foundation, the Washington State Arts Commission, and the Western States Arts Federation, in addition to other community organizations. While these are some impressive groups, the funding we receive doesn’t allow us to do all that we do. We must get additional funding from individuals to continue to survive.

More about us:

  • We are valuable to our communities!
  • Not only do we provide educational opportunities for children and adults in Moscow, Lapwai, Troy, and Genesee, we provide the University communities with outstanding professional performances that would not otherwise be available.
  • This includes leading ballet companies like St. Petersburg Ballet, culturally diverse programs like Dances of China, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, American Indian Dance Theatre, and this fall, Ragamala - Dances of India.
  • Over 5,000 students each year are bused to Beasley to see special YouthReach programs by professional companies.
  • For many children it is the only professional performance they have ever seen.
  • FD has been recognized regionally and nationally for its achievement through the many grants it receives, but
  • It’s the local support that is the foundation of this arts organization and without which it cannot survive.
  • Festival Dance contributes to the arts, our youth, and our quality of life.

Why should you give to Festival Dance?

Some of the best things in life aren’t free, and this includes the arts! We barely break even financially! Even with the grants we are awarded! The arts all across the nation are struggling to make ends meet. FDPA struggles to pay rents, salaries, artist fees, theatre and technical costs, (for events that would not normally be here if it was for profit because it’s not profitable.) publicity, insurance, printing etc., while still keeping ticket prices for those events and class fees affordable, and offering free arts programs to all the schools in the region. Each year we turn to people like you who care about the arts, our youth and the quality of life to help us cover the income gap with your generous donations.

If you believe that performing arts are important and vital to enhancing the quality of life of residents in our region, please send us your generous contribution. In order to achieve our fund-raising goal this year, it is imperative that our supporters step forward with vigor.

We appreciate you and your support!

Abby Glanville
Executive Director