Festival Youthreach

Festival Youthreach provides arts performances to 5,000 students in an 80 mile radius. When we touch the lives of our youth through the performing arts, we broaden the minds of our young people, teach them about beauty, and give them an experience of the diverse expression of dance.

Some children from rural communities that are bused in to see a professional performance would never have the opportunity to see a professional ballet in their lifetime. For many, it is the only professional performance they will ever experience. Festival Dance believes this experience develops a personal connection to the arts that can create a lifelong interest, enriching the lives of youth in our area.

Here's what others have to say:

“It was a beautiful visual and musical experience my students would rarely get a chance to see.”
Charlotte Carpenter - Juliaetta Elementary School

Each year Festival Dance shares the enrichment and enjoyment of experiencing professional dance and music productions to over 5,000 school students through the Festival Youthreach Program.

“As a teacher I look forward top this every year. It is very exciting to see how positively it affects the kids.”
Lorie Flakus - Troy Elementary School

Students from throughout the Palouse and Valley regions are bused to special performances by visiting professional companies. When possible the performers visit schools and give workshops for local students.

“Please continue to provide us with such a great exposure to the arts. We appreciate your programs very much.”
Rosalie Harms - Franklin Elementary School

Festival Dance also provides a residency of the Missoula Children’s Theater. These residences give over 100 local children a chance to perform and participate in a live musical theater production. Through the Missoula Children’s Theater, Festival Dance also provides free drama workshops to over 400 local elementary students.

“The diversity of individuals, music and dance forms increases student understanding of others, helps them relate to music and dance as a common language for all, and reminds them that we are more alike than different.”
Caroline Bitterwolf - West Park School

And finally, Festival Dance brings dance to the school with “Dance Outs” by Festival Dance Academy students and through Discover Dance! – a semester long program which brings professional dance instruction to the public schools.

“We love attending the Festival Dance performances. Keep doing what you’re doing!!”
Linda Sterk – Renaissance Charter School