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On Ensemble: September 13, 2017, 7:30pm, Jones Theatre at Daggy Hall

Powerful Rhythms and Fearless Musical Exploration. Co-presented with WSU Performing Arts - On Ensemble infuses the powerful rhythms of Japanese taiko drumming with musical elements ranging from jazz, hip-hop, and rock to Central Asian overtone singing. The group is led by childhood friends Shoji Kameda and Masato "Maz" Baba, who combine their study and deep appreciation of Japanese traditional music with equally formative experiences as DJs, electronic music producers, and rock bassists. Their fearless musical exploration expands the artistic range of these ancient instruments, producing some of the most compelling and creative taiko music today.

Ballet Idaho: October 27, 2017, 7:30pm, Jones Theatre at Daggy Hall

Exquisite Dance with a Major Cultural Impact. Festival Dance is honored to present Ballet Idaho’s first northern Idaho appearance. As Idaho’s only professional ballet company, the company presents 24 performances annually in Boise with a mission of promoting classical and contemporary ballet by encouraging artists to greatness and inspiring the public to value the performing arts. Their October performance will include several classical gems including excerpts from “ Tchaikovsky Waltzes” “Swan Lake,” and “Raymonda”, plus three vibrant contemporary pieces.

Joy to the World: December 2, 2017, 7:30pm, University of Idaho Administration Building Auditorium

Joyful Holiday Music and Dance for Family and Friends. Joy to the World brings family and friends together to enjoy a heart-warming program of traditional holiday favorites, world music, and dance at the University of Idaho Administration Building Auditorium. This is the fifth presentation of the biannual event, which features artists such as Sandy and Jay Mauchley, Gefilte Trout, the University of Idaho Women’s Chorus, and Festival Dance Academy dancers. This joyful holiday presentation brings out community together and is perfect for all ages.

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble: February 10, 2018, 7:30pm, Jones Theatre at Daggy Hall

Bringing people together with the Universal Language of Dance. Co-presented with WSU Performing Arts - Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, one of our country’s leading African American contemporary dance companies, uses their stunning dance talents to honor their cultural heritage and to explore the human condition. This performance will feature "MictlanRx", which showcases the life and struggles of indigenous and Afro-Mexican people. It was created for CPRD by Mexican artists Betsy Pardo and Jairo Heli, lead choreographer of Guadalajara's Crisol Dance. Performed with the donkey jawbone, a traditional Afro-Mexican instrument, "MictlanRx" offers a powerful reflection on Mexico's Afro-Indigenous people and their unique cycles of oppression and triumph through cultural heritage and tradition.