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Festival Dance & Performing Arts 

Bringing the Arts to the People and the People to the Arts since 1972

Because we believe in the power of the arts to enrich lives, enliven communities and inspire our youth, Festival Dance & Performing Arts bring the arts to the people and the people to the arts with dynamic performances, exciting dance education, and powerful outreach programs for all ages in communities of all sizes.

Our Core Values: Diversity, Accessibility, Nurturing of local talent, Community service, and artistic Excellence  


At Festival Dance and Performing Arts Association, we bring imagination and creativity together to help us achieve our mission. By envisioning a future abundant in the arts and taking aim at that vision, we enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Because we believe in the power of the arts to have a positive impact on individuals and communities, Festival Dance mission is to

BRING THE ARTS TO THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE TO THE ARTS through performances, education and outreach programs,

guided by the core values of:

Diversity of dance styles and cultures,

Accessibility to quality arts for all ages,

Nurturing of local talent,

Community enrichment and service, and

Excellence in artistic programs and management

We strive to ensure access to dance education and performing arts on the Palouse through:

  • Our dance academies located in Moscow, Genesee, and Troy which offer dance instruction to over 200 students
  • Free professional arts programs and outreach events for over 2,000 school students each year
  • Seasonal opportunities to attend our diverse Great Performance Series
  • Special performances which showcase our local talent
  • Summer workshop programs with nationally acclaimed instructors
  • Exposure to world-class performing artists

What is Festival Dance and Performing Arts Association?

  • A non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization
  • An organization dedicated to performing arts and dance education
  • An organization governed by a volunteer community board
  • An organization growing its community roots since 1972

Our Programs include

Great Performance Series, a series of major events featuring performances by acclaimed ballet, modern dance, jazz, musical theatre and cultural dance companies.

Festival Dance Academy, providing professional dance instruction in residence at the University of Idaho, Troy, Genesee, and a second location in Moscow. We are the premier provider of dance education in the region.

Discover Dance Program brings free dance education opportunities into local elementary schools.

YouthReach Program offers free educational dance programs for local schools by professional artists.

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