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Festival Dance & Performing Arts 

Bringing the Arts to the People and the People to the Arts since 1972

Because we believe in the power of the arts to enrich lives, enliven communities and inspire our youth, Festival Dance & Performing Arts bring the arts to the people and the people to the arts with dynamic performances, exciting dance education, and powerful outreach programs for all ages in communities of all sizes.

Our Core Values: Diversity, Accessibility, Nurturing of local talent, Community service, and artistic Excellence  

Great Performances 2021-2022

Collision of Rhythm, 7 p.m.,   November 12, 2021, Gladish Community and Cultural Center, Pullman, WA. 

November 12 Photos by C. Rod Bacon 

Collision of Rhythm is a duo comprised of tap-dancing classical virtuoso, Aaron Williams, and beatbox-juggling keynote speaker, Bronkar Lee. They have worked with companies like GoPro, Coca-Cola, and Google, and have been featured on The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, and SuperBowl commercials

Both have achieved internet fame with “rhythmic” viral videos,  Aaron, through his virtuosic rendition of Mario on Marimba (over 30 million views), and Bronkar, as the Beatbox Dad, through a video of him beatboxing with his son (over 144 million views). 

Though only two of them, they filled the stage as a 12-person ensemble would, moving from instrument to instrument with a high level of skill and diversity. What was created is a richly explosive experience like nothing else out there — rhythm-centered, but also full of melodic movement and dynamic depth. With drumming, tap dancing, rhythmic juggling, marimba, piano, saxophone, flute and so much more, the show has been described as “Stomp meets Blue Man meets Cirque du Soleil.”     See:

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre - April 23, 2022

The virtual event will be, Friday, April 23, 7 p.m., with a live presentation by Cleo Parker Robinson, herself.   See:

  This Past Season . . .2019-2020 

Shortened by the Covid-19 Pandemic our season was two performances only. 

This past series began with the talented artists of Ballet Victoria from British Columbia, Canada, bringing "Ballet Rocks" to life at the Jones Theatre on Saturday, November 9, 2019. The performance brought a new definition to Ballet. Our audience loved the innovative choreography mixed with modern moves. Following such positive feedback, we are already working behind the season to bring these talented professionals back to the Palouse.

On February 22, 2020, in a Saturday matinee performance, we packed the house with audience members of all ages! Rainbow Dance Theatre brought the magical performance"ILumiDance" which proved to be a huge crowd pleaser! The artists even took the time for a post-show reveal of their secrets!

Scheduled for April 24, 2020, we had to cancel Tango Del Cielo.  But we look forward to the opportunity to reschedule Tango Del Cielo in an upcoming season 

Images from Rainbow Dance Theatre, February 22, 2022. 

Tango de Cielo

Cleo Parker Robinson Company